About Us

Pathway Education Quality Assurance Institute (PEQAI)

Pathway Education Quality Assurance Institute (PEQAI) is an independent company that supports educational institutes in Ontario. Pathway Education Quality Assurance Institute (PEQAI) established to conduct research, evaluate the educational institute and provide policy recommendations to them on improving system quality, access and accountability.

PEQAI is a quality assurance designation that educational institutions have met or exceeded the quality assurance standards according our experience.

PEQAI provides support and direction to educational institutes and professionals.

PEQAI was established as an independent company serving the professional development needs of educational institute in Ontario.

Mission Statement

To ensure excellence in the field of education

To provide support and direction to educational institutes, professionals, and industry stakeholders in education

To provide expertise to local and international educational institutes through consultations, representation, and seminars etc.

To promote the development of materials which are appropriate to the needs and the culture of our clients.


Pathway Education Consultancy

Pathway to Canada is an Ontario-based International Education Consultancy Agency providing advice, guidance, and counselling to international students who wish to study in Canada. Pathway to Canada has secured good relationships with prestigious educational institutions.

What we offer

How You Can Benefit

Pathway to Canada assists anyone who would like to attend an English-language program in Canada. We work in cooperation with educational institutions well-known for offering high-quality education. At Pathway to Canada we help you identify the most appropriate educational programs, assist you in making your application, and facilitate your arrival and transition. Helping students is our highest priority!


Our employees have worked in universities and other private and public educational institutions in Canada, as well as in UK, Ireland and Central Asia. We have the experience, knowledge, and connections to help you study & stay in Canada. We understand the individual needs of our students and their parents or sponsors. The founder of Pathway to Canada is himself an immigrant to Canada, along with his wife and children. 

Best educational institutions

  • We regularly visit the educational institutions we are in cooperation with.
  • We take care to work with institutions that receive positive feedback from our students.
  • Our network of institutions continues to expand on the basis of our students’ requests.
  • Attending an educational institution in Canada is an investment – we aim to ensure that our students experience the education they deserve.


Pathway to Canada supports its students

Pathway to Canada not only finds schools and accommodation for students but will also provide them with the support they need throughout their studies in Canada. Students are even welcome to stay in contact with Pathway to Canada after they have completed their studies, if they wish to discuss their future plans in Canada. In short, we assist our students from start to finish.

Why Canada?

Canada is a safe, stable, thriving, diverse, and welcoming country with an excellent educational system.

Whether your English language skills are beginner, intermediate, or advanced, Canada is the ideal place to live as you learn.