Application Process and FEES


This document contains guidelines for initial Pathway Education Quality Assurance Institute (PEQAI) program application.

PEQAI accepts applications for Program Quality Assurance from school boards, universities, community colleges, and private career colleges. 


Step 1: Submission of Application Package 

The course or program need to fill online application form in order to apply PEQA. Please Prepare some Required Documents before you start filling online form.

 Required Documents
  • A copy of the template of the certificate, diploma, or degree the program awards to its graduates
  • Provide copies of the agreements, contracts, or letters of understanding signed by and between the training provider
  • A copy of each trainer’s up-to-date resume.
  • If applicable, proof of registration of the program

Step 2: Application Package Review

Within 30 business days from the date of receipt of the application package, the PEQAI Ontario Quality Assurance Services officer review and revise the program submissions.

·         If the program’s application package is approved after the review, the PEQAI Ontario Quality Assurance Services Manager notifies the program director of the results in writing.

·         If further revisions are required, within 15 business days from the date of the written notification mentioned above, the program makes the necessary revisions to the application package and submits the revised package to PEQAI electronically.

·         If the program’s application package still does not meet the PEQAI requirements, the PEQAI Ontario Quality Assurance Services Manager notifies the program director in writing that their application package has been rejected. PEQAI will not refund 50 % of the program Quality Assurance application fee.

Step 3: Application Approval

Within 15 business days from the date of second step, the required additional steps (if any required) and provided the necessary additional information (if any requested), PEQAI awards the program Quality Assurance Certificate to the qualified program. This certificate is an annual renewal.

Application Fee

  • Application package review for all courses and programs: $425.00
  • In order to use our bar code or designated stamps on the certificate, PEQEI will collect %15 percent of program or course fee charged by institution for each certificate.
  • Each application’s reviews up to 20 hours are covered by PEQEI. But PEQEI reserves the right to add additional fee, as necessary, at any time during the initial application review process, throughout each application period. If the program is needed an additional time (more than 20 hours) and review during the application process, a fee of $75 per hour is charged.